The Main Steps To Create A Website Using WordPress

WordPress is the easiest platform for building good websites especially for beginners since it is free and also easy to install .The following are the main steps to create a website using wordpress.

1. Choose the right domain name and hosting

Your domain name will depend on the issues that you will be concentrating on. Choose a niche area that you well experienced in. Develop a domain name using the keyword from your niche. For example, if it is a business website use There are two types of hosting for wordpress newbies; shared and managed wordpress. However, for beginners it is always recommendable to stick to shared hosting since its easily manageable. Hosting helps you manage everything including setting up is also where you install the word press.

2. Install wordpress

From the hosting account dashboard, install the wordpress by simply clicking on its icon. After wordpress installation is done, fill the personal details required then click the install button. If installation is successful, you will receive a success message on the header indicating that you have created your first website.

3. Select your theme

Theme is just the visual appearance of your site. You may decide to choose the default theme provided by wordpress or change it by visiting the appearance page and just clicking on the ‘add new’ button. Select the theme that suits you from the variety provided and then remember to customize it after installation.

4. Add content and customize your site

Try adding some content in your website. For example, your website may be similar to this one on Pineapple Poker. You will also need to customize it to make it look presentable to the readers before publishing. Use the settings to do the various changes you want to make on your website.

5. Install plugins

Plugins act just like apps the wordpress site and therefore they play an essential role in adding new features to the website. It is therefore important to install them.