Six Mistakes to Avoid

Working on a new website? You never get the second chance to make the first impression. That’s why have made a list of the top six most common mistakes made on company homepages:

Too Much Text

Minimalism is the key and loading your homepage with too much text is always a no-no. Keep your text simple with a few well-chosen, preferably informative words, especially call-for-action phrases that pique visitors’ curiosity. Remember that large chunks of text will discourage visitors from “wasting time” reading.

Cluttered Homepage

While intricate designs and a colourful palette may initially seem attractive, an overly busy homepage only serves to over-stimulate visitors and give the impression of an untidy and disorganised company.

Frustrating Navigation

User-friendliness should be kept at the forefront of the company’s priorities when designing a webpage. Make sure that links are clearly marked and in working order, tabs are prominently displayed and placed in order of importance for optimum usability, and all essential information is easily accessible.

Too Many Fonts

Though you may be tempted to distinguish between sections on your homepage by going wild with several different fonts, try to keep things simple by sticking to a maximum of three font types. Use display fonts for titles and text-type fonts for longer content. Font size is also important – avoid using very small fonts as these do not promote readability. Apart from this, make sure the zoom function on your webpage works.


It is often best to avoid music on your website unless it’s directly related to the theme or page. Music can be distracting, and musical tastes are too personal for you to appeal to everyone. Remember that a webpage is a predominantly visual medium and rely instead on well-chosen graphics and attractive designs to encourage first-time visitors to come again.

Long Loading Time

There’s a lot of competition out there, especially on the internet. With so many new and exciting websites cropping up every day, you may be sure that users won’t stick around to see what you offer if your page is slow to load.